Hello! Everyone my name is Samantha. I am writing this blog to tell people about who I am and my view of the world. Not only will I blog about real life issues, but also about my past. My past was a dark and crazy road, something that most people do not understand, well I have made it my mission to help you understand why the world is the way it is sometimes. Not only will I take you on a journey of self exploration, but I will open your eyes to something that you have not experienced before. Since, I am in the military, I will document the places I have been and blog about the cultures from around the world. I will not only open your eyes to the world, but to the harshness of the world.



I have three topics that I want to share with you:

  • Abuse and Neglect: Here I talk about my past. My past of abuse and hurt. I did not have a normal childhood. I tell my story in hopes that I want you to know my story. My story of who I am and not to feel “sorry” for what I have gone through. I want you to see through my eyes as I take you on this journey through a world that you probably did not understand.
  • Exploration and Journey: Here I talk about the places I have been. The foods I have eaten and the cultures I have seen. I will open your eyes to parts of the world that you unable to see. Help you see the world that you cannot find on a simple search.
  • Self Awareness: Here I talk about real life personal observations that I have made in everyday life, such as how I feel being lakota, what it feels like to be pregnant during a virus and personal blogs that can connect to you in your life.

Three topics in my blog

Let’s build something together.

” Life is something to be proud of”